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One of the main drivers of time and monetary losses in the current cross-border payment structure is the verification process. Before funds can move from one account to another worldwide, the banks involved must perform a series of verifications to validate payments, a process that causes delays and requires resources.In a crypto-based cross-border payment system, compliance is significantly simplified. Public ledger like blockchain. PDX allows users to hide their identity while keeping their holdings and transactions open for all to see.
PDX is a powerful new banking and financial services ecosystem that tackles global issues through peer-to-peer payments and encrypted and permissionless money transfers. It is also positioned as the primary payment option in Metaverse.

What is PDX?…

PDX Coin is the heart of the global payments and digital banking platform aiming to enable hundreds of millions of retail users, institutions, merchants, vendors and ecosystem partners to easily participate in the crypto economy with instant conversion between digital currency and fiat currency. Through virtual banking services and upcoming payment applications, all major crypto assets backed by the platform will be liquidated soon, and available in tens of millions of locations and online sites worldwide. In 2024, PDX plans to also introduce a regulated platform for trading the digital shares of most publicly traded companies, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Why PDX?

PDX is designed very simply, and serves as an everyday usable currency, as crypto and adoption continue. Even a quick glance shows that none of the so-called "cryptocurrencies" can realistically be seen or used as CURRENCY.
PDX has purpose, functionality and critical mass.

PDX Goals

The main goal of PDX is to enhance crypto payments and virtual banking capabilities in the conventional world, we are building our technology and product base to anticipate a fully functional and densely populated metaverse in the near future. The project aims to provide all banking and defi products and functions in the metaverse, in addition to being a leader in retail and commercial payments. As a result, this applies to as many types of DeFi-compliant products and services as possible in as many legal jurisdictions as possible.

PDX’s key advantages will include:

  1. Instant settlements for merchants and consumers alike. No annoying holds on funds.
  2. Vastly superior customer service.
  3. Fees a fraction of those charged by PayPal.
  4. Ease of use for mobile payments.
  5. Better security.
  6. Ability to transact globally, and instantly.

PDX Ecosystem.

The PDX "ecosystem" consists of:

  • A new global banking network providing a complete range of retail banking services with global virtual/digital banking capabilities
  • A cryptocurrency exchange business with unique attributes and a guaranteed large customer base
  • Merchant payment processing business based on blockchain.

PDX will lead to large-scale and increasing acceptance of PDX Coin as a means of payment and store of value by merchants and consumers alike.

Features In PDX

  1. Mobile application for global payments and instant transfer of goods and services
  2. Can be exchanged for major world currencies and others major cryptocurrencies
  3. High-speed and low-cost global value transfer
  4. Highly secure encrypted global messaging app
  5. Highly liquid and a total of the top 50 cryptocurrencies market cap after global token sale
  6. Credit and debit cards are available through our own bank in the short term, as well as global banking and money transfer facilities
  7. Globally compliant
  8. Post-public sale, each PDX Coin is expected to have a minimum intrinsic value that reflects reasonably an estimate of the recoverable energy reserves at the quote price
  9. Over time, significant additional value comes from green energy projects

PDX Token Information

PDX Coin is an ERC20 utility token, which will be traded and is known as PDX.
PDX is a digital currency that is at the core of a new robust banking and financial services ecosystem based on peer-to-peer payments and encrypted and permissionless money transfers, globally, that solves many problems.

PDX Token Utility

PDX Coin holders can make instant payments and transfers anonymously, instantaneously, anywhere in the world, and their data will be stored on an immutable blockchain, making it indestructible, anti-theft and impossible for others to know without their knowledge. holder and approval of PDX coin holders.
PDX will disrupt the global payment processing industry, and the way day-to-day banking and payments are made between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and will build a unique and cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange platform that complements the unique and proprietary crypto-to-fiat mobile-capable payment application.
PDX banking, exchange and payment processing capabilities will complement each other, which in turn will lead to massive user adoption in the consumer and commercial worlds. This, in turn, will lead to a large-scale and increasing acceptance of PDX Coin as a means of payment, by goods and services merchants, globally, which in turn leads to more consumer acceptance of PDX as a means of payment. payment and storage of value
PDX Coin enables individuals and organizations to use a transparent digital currency with physical value backed and backed by certified and independently audited energy assets.

Tokenomics PDX

  • Token Name: PDX Coin
  • Ticker Token: PDX
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 5 Billion Token


The team discovered that the Ethereum blockchain does not fit, and cannot achieve the objectives, as well as the demands and best interests of token holders and users in the long run, in terms of ease of use, transaction speed, transaction volume, and transaction pricing. As a result, the team is developing “Siberia,” a new DeFi blockchain technology. Siberia will help PDX achieve a number of goals, including easing its integration into the metaverse for the provision of various payments, DeFi, and banking services, as well as the development of entertainment, gaming, and gambling content. It will be based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus method. As a totally decentralized and independent blockchain, this new blockchain will sit on top of PDX and will be controlled by an outside authority. The team’s goal is to complete development and testing of the Siberia blockchain by late 2023, after which it will be deployed. At this moment, the PDX Coin will be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain to the new Siberia blockchain. This will provide PDX with far quicker transfer and transaction speeds at a fraction of the cost of ETH and without the requirement for a cumbersome “middleman” approach to conduct a transaction.

PDX is listed on the P2PB2B exchange

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Contract address

Why You Should Invest:

PDX will construct its own Block Chain (Siberia) for other projects to use, as well as a hybrid CEX-DEX trading platform and wallet that will address many of the difficulties observed with present centralized exchanges, particularly in terms of speed and security. I believe it is preferable to LONG TERM PROFIT with these utilities!

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